Terraillon Neolis INOX professional digital electronic kitchen scale

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Product Description

Scale Overview

The Terraillon® Neolis Inox* is a digital electronic kitchen scale with a 6.6 pound/3 Kg capacity, high accuracy, dual mode English/metric weighing, automatic tare weighing and a large, easy to read digital display for easy use. The stainless steel finish and stylish low profile design are at home in any kitchen setting.

Ideal for home kitchen use, the Neolis Inox scale has features that will make it a valuable addition to your kitchen appliances.

Features of the Neolis Inox scale include:

  • Easy to Read - LCD digital display with large digits for easy reading.
  • High accuracy - the all solid state measuring system is accurate across the scale's entire measuring range of 6.6 pound/3 Kg in increments of 0.1 oz / 1 g.
  • Dual mode - the scale switches between pound and kilogram mode at the push of a button.
  • Dry/liquid measurement - the scale can accurately weigh both dry and liquid ingredients for recipes.
  • Tare function - the tare function makes it easy to use the scale with any weighing bowl or container. Just weight the bowl empty, add your ingredient and with tare weighing the scale will automatically give you just the weight of the ingredient.
  • Add and weigh capability - the tare function also makes it easy to add successive ingredients without clearing the scale. Just repeat tare weighing as you add each ingredient and the scale will automatically give you just the weight of that ingredient.
  • Large weighing platform - the large stainless steel weighing platform cleans easily and makes it easy to weigh directly on the scale or use the tare function to weigh using a bowl or other container. The weighing platform can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Battery power - the scale will operate for thousands of weighings on its long life lithium battery (included). Automatic shut off for long battery life.
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty - built for years of heavy duty use.

This large platform digital electronic kitchen scale is equally at home in the family kitchen or in professional food service operations.  Full featured and robust, this scale will provide years of troublefree service at a very effective price point.

Scale Specifications

Manufacturer: Terraillon
Model: Neolis Inox
Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
Format: Digital electronic kitchen scale
Mechanism type: Digital load cell
Measurement units: Pounds / Kilograms
Capacity: 6.6 lbs / 3 Kg
Display type: 4 digit LCD digital display
Display increments: 0.1 oz. / 1 g
Battery power: Yes - Long life lithium battery (included)
A/C power: No
Scale size: 8.1" (206 mm) wide x 9.7" (247 mm) deep
Scale height: 1.4" (34 mm)
Shipping weight: 4 lb.
Manufacturer's warranty: 10 year limited warranty

*This scale is variously known as the neolis inox, terraillon neolis inox, terraillon 08774, neolis inox 08774, terraillon neolis inox 08774

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