Seca 700D balance beam scale with height measuring rod

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Product Description

Scale Overview

The SecaŽ Model 700D* is a 400 pound/160 Kg capacity balance beam column scale with height measuring rod from Seca, one of the world's leading manufacturers of personal and professional scales.

Tough and reliable, this balance beam scale is built to last for years in even the most demanding weighing applications. No need for batteries or A/C adapters. The scale's easy to read dual poise balance beam weighing mechanism makes weighing fast and easy and with the height measuring rod you can measure height and weight at the same time.

The Model 700D scale's features include:

  • Great Design - the Seca family of balance beam scales were recently redesigned and given a great new look. They are a gold standard of clinical weighing with thousands of units in use year after year in clinics around the world.
  • High Accuracy - The Seca balance beam scale's weighing mechanism has been refined and field proven for years and is accurate over the full measuring range of 400 pounds/160 Kg in increments of 0.25 pound/100 g.
  • Large weighing platform - the 14" x 14" weighing platform is covered with a non-slip cover.
  • Integral height rod - the scale includes a Seca height rod for easy measurements of height from 24" to 78" (600 mm to 2.0 M).
  • English units only - the balance beams include markings for English (lb) units only. If you only need English units consider the Model 700E, a higher capacity scale with an English (lb) only balance beam. If you only need Metric units consider the Model 700M, a higher capacity scale with a metric (Kg) only balance beam.
  • Built strong - the scale weighing mechanism is manufactured using high strength hardened steel pivots and bearings and the entire scale is fabricated using steel and cast iron for high strength and long life.
  • Warranty - five year limited warranty on all parts and labor. Repair and calibration service available worldwide.

This is a high quality balance beam scale that is equally at home in the clinic, hospital, health club, school or family bathroom. Built to last by one of the world's leading scale manufacturers, this scale will give you many years of trouble free service.

Scale Specifications

Manufacturer: Seca
Model: 700D*
Format: Balance beam column scale with height measuring rod
Scale height: 61.3" (1.6 M)
Mechanism type: Dual poise balance beam
Measurement units: pounds
Standard capacity: 400 lbs / 160 Kg
   Capacity extenders available: No
   Extended capacity: N/A
Height rod: 24" - 78" / 600 mm - 2.0 M
Display type: Direct readout from balance beam
Display resolution: 0.25 lb / 100 g
Height rod resolution: 0.125" / 1 mm
Power requirements: None - pure mechanical balance beam scale
Platform size: 14" (356 mm) wide x 14" (356 mm) deep
Platform type: Non-slip mat
Platform step height: 3.5" (90 mm)
Shipping weight: 52 lb.
Manufacturer's warranty: Limited 5 year warranty

*Seca uses the identical designation, Model 700, for four scales that look the same but which have distinctly different features. Here at we find this incredibly confusing so we add a letter designation to the various models to make it easier for you (and us!) to differentiate between them.  The following table shows our designation, the official Seca SKU number and the basic features of the various Seca 700 models. Click on the model number to go to the more information page for that scale.

Scale-IT Seca SKU Description Capacity Resolution
700 7001121004 Seca 700, lb only, w/o measuring rod 500 lbs 0.125 lb
700E 7001121994 Seca 700, lb only, with measuring rod 500 lbs 0.125 lb
700M 7001021994 Seca 700, Kg only, with measuring rod 220 Kg 50 g
700D 7001321994 Seca 700, lb/Kg, with measuring rod 400 lbs/ 200 Kg 0.25 lb/ 100 g

All prices, specifications and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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